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The site has officially  launched and we have received lots of positive feedback and input. We have already added several new resources thanks to your suggestions. Since this a completely volunteer run site we are counting on our friends, fans and supporters to help us make this site great. So if you have any ideas on new resources, sections or information please let us know. If you are interested in writing for the blog let us know that too. You can find out more about contributing on this page.

So what’s next? Although we have a lot of information on this site we know there is a lot more to add and even some things we may have missed. We want this site to continue to grow, evolve and be the premier source of industry resources for Santa Clara County creative professionals. With that, here are some of the sections we plan on adding to the site in the future:

Artist Directory – A list of artists who live or work in Santa Clara County and nearby cities. This section is taking us longer than we anticipated because we want to make sure the information is presented in a clear and  organized way and there are a lot of artists in the area.

Alternative Art Spaces – This section will include places that exhibit art that are not traditional galleries or museums. Included will be cafes, boutiques, salons, restaurants and more.

Business and Finance Info – We will provide links to information on how to get your business license, resale certificate and other business and finance info related to doing business in Santa Clara County and California.

Public Art Listing – There is a lot of great public art in the area, murals, statues, installation, art boxes etc. We will provide a list of that artwork and their locations.

Framing Resources – Looking for a place to frame your artwork. We will provide a list of all the local framing options in the area.

Calls for Art – We will add a list of links to other sites that have calls for art.

Blog Posts – We will have blog posts with more in-depth info on specific topics, how to posts, featured products or locations, best practices and much much more.

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