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We’d love your help getting the word out about our new artist resource website. Right now there are only two of us running the site (in addition to our other projects). We would really love to get you and the local arts community involved in making this an amazing resource for everyone. The more people that know about the site the better it is.
Below you will find some info to help let your friends and peers know about My Art Resources.

Find us online:

Twitter: @myartresources

Factoids – Here are some tidbits about My Art Resources:

What is it?
A free online source of information for artists living in Santa Clara County and nearby cities.

Who is behind it?
This site was created by Shannon Amidon and Donny Foley, both local artists.

What type of content do you publish?
We provide information about local artists, art venues, local art events, art education, opportunities, resources and more in a convenient centralized hub.

Why create this resource?
Being artist’s living and working in Santa Clara County we felt a need to consolidate all of this information into one spot. The creative community is important to us and we wanted to create a way to provide important and informative information to existing artists as well as anyone new to the area.

Want to get involved?

You can help and contribute in several ways:

  1. Share the website and Facebook page.
  2. Do you know of a resource that isn’t listed? Let us know and we will add it to the site.
  3. Are you a local artist? Submit your info to be listed in our free artist section.
  4. We are always looking for featured guest bloggers. Do you have an idea for a blog post that you think our readers will enjoy? Let us know, we would love to work together.
  5. If you part of an art group or organization we would be happy to give you a stack of postcards to distribute to your members.

Download our postcard & share
My Art Resources Postcard


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