Nicolas Pomares

Artist Name – The Antic Staatsoper

200x200If I don’t see Art as a way to turn this world in a better place, I strongly believe that the main role of art is to ask us the good questions about it.

Artists have to point out the issues and trouble of our conditions which stop us on our way to the spirituality and universal harmony.

Art is the elevator between our condition and this upper consciousness.

Art leads us above Gods and Religion.

Also I think it is essential to combine different fields (music, videos, photography, ), skills ( science, medicine, philosophy…) and cultures to identify and express opinions with accuracy. Getting the biggest amount of datas in order to embrace our whole condition.

I’ve always felt the need to keep an eye on the world, trying to find out where our choices could lead us. Stretch our behaviors and choice in time, so you could guess the future…

Photography is the tool that allows me to easily synthesize my ideas. But I often mix media like music and videos to get a broader point of view. Thinking before Acting. I collect references and information. The theory precedes the experimentation for each new serie. However, I figured out that making a rupture with my culture, the new technologies and the modern art is also necessary.

In this goal I create parallel universes where I can experiment a world where art should be the only way to transcend our condition. I use these areas to test my intentions and to ask my questions. In my pace I take the time for doubting. I need to develop my intentions. It’s my alternative to the modern immediacy.

My photographs often have an altered appearance. I want to come back to a timeless image. I used classical techniques for the composition (frame, lights, ) but the image processing (digital brushes and canvas rendering) remains digital, I don’t want to be backward-looking .

Otherwise, I give more importance to the intention rather than the technique. I think about each project like a story or a fable. I write the script but I only shoot the conclusion.

In the end, I desire to show the great waste between the inferno of religions and the lack of spirituality in the Brand New Material World.

I try to make my message as clear as possible, without notion of time or place.

I wish something universal.

I want the people to have a real desire of peace.

I implore peace.


Medium(s) – Photography