Tessie Barrera-Scharaga

Artist Name – Tessie Barrera-Scharaga
Tessie Barrera-Scharaga

I’m a conceptual installation/assemblage artist that creates site-specific and time-based environments, using a variety of materials and technology. My work incorporates clay, found and rescued objects, recorded sound, photography, video, and light effects. The themes I use in my work are based on my questions, insights, doubts, hopes, frustrations, concerns, and conclusions about the world around me. I have always been fascinated by the connections between social and cultural phenomena and personal psychological experience. Human stories inspire me, fill me with admiration, and also terrify me. My work is at times painful, at times joyful, and always viscerally attached to the realities of contemporary life, mine and the people who share this planet with me.


Medium(s) – Fiber Art, Mixed Media, Sculpture

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