Stan Friedman

Artist Name – Stan Friedman

Perceptual Photographer with an ongoing interest in emerging technologies and their personal/social/political/spiritual implications. Extensive experience in non-fiction, film/video production as a writer/producer/editor.

Through it all, constantly in search of elegant moments living in the quiet spaces between . . .

A little background to give you some context for my image gathering:

Imagery has always been central to my life. . . . . . . heightened, possibly even seeded, when I tried vainly to convince my first grade teacher the front door of my home was really, really, really, blue!

Building upon visions, whether by word/by image/by sound, or simply written quietly, has guided me down many paths – one meandering path I kept returning to was of a somewhat quirky film editor, filmmaker, and writer/producer – all the while/all the time, lookin’ out/in for those spaces “between”.

“. . . There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”
– Leonard Cohen, Anthem

My video/film history covers a spectrum from projects for international corporations, commercial and non-commercial television, non-profits, small business, and individuals.

Seventeen years ago, after years of projects for specific audiences and results, I was able to return to creating from my own perceptions of the “mundane” world.

My photography is a game of discovering wee bits of silence and in each moment. Those who recognize this stillness, are invited to fill the silent spaces with personal meaning and stories.

Once, I was told:
“. . . you have the ability to find and express the calmness and depth of a Zen garden in your visions of the mundane”
– Carl Tassi, vocalist

The vast majority of my photographs are spontaneous. I kinda’ think of them as the results of “gentle passion”, “post-meditation”, and a “blue door”!


Medium(s) – Photography

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