Shone Chacko

Artist Name – Shone Chacko 

Shone ChackoShone Chacko is a Scratchboard and Graphite artist who lives in San Jose, California. About five years ago he tried a new (to him) medium – scratchboards and has been hooked on to it ever since.

He is a realistic and detail oriented artist and his favorite subject is wild cats. He colors his scratchboards with inks and experiments with different scratching tools. His tools include surgical scalpel, hobby knifes, fiber glass brush, air brush, sandpaper, steel wool, tattoo needles and any other abrasive tools that he finds suitable from a hardware store.

He participates in the art exhibitions organized by the International Scratchboard Society as well as other ones in and around San Jose and has won many awards.


Medium(s) – Drawing, Mixed Media, Paintings