Roya Mogadam

Artist Name – Roya Mogadam

I am an artist and designer, i have worked in the various art field for 15 years. Art for me is like life, i can imagine my dream, i can figure out some thing that impress me and i try to show that to people with my art language. My art work independent of the human’s logic and mind and reflect my soul’s story and evokes different feels and emotions in the viewer and everyone can interpret that with individual memory and experience. Art give me liberty feeling in the rules world. I am observing humans life, thoughts , feelings and challenging them. In creating process my feels determine my material and style therefore i use mix and different material. I don’t limit myself to just one style and medium. If picture help me to express my feel i take a photo of the subject that i need and used that photo in my painting with the different way. Some times i use color in my painting and some times I don’t use color that depend my emotions. I always want to convey to the audience the emotions and problems that affect my life and people’s  life in my painting. I have worked my Women`s world  Collection`s  with mixed media on canvas,(acrylic photograph,collage)


Medium(s) – Collage, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography

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