Rachel Tirosh

Artist Name – Rachel Tirosh

Rachel TiroshI’m a self-taught artist. My main focus is creating abstract non-representational mixed-media art. In my paintings, I work with ordinary materials and transform them into 3D texture on the canvas. I use a layering technique for both texture and colors. One of my favorites is using a lot of water with glue and pure pigments. The spontaneity of the water expresses motion and emphasizes the texture’s surface. I also create colorful designs with the polymer clay and use them to convert everyday items into beautiful sculpture or functional art. My canvases are vases, teapots, bottles and animal sculptures made of a variety of materials including glass, porcelain or metal. My paints are my polymer clay canes. I cover these items with my polymer clay designs and turn them into wonderful, colorful objects. As an electrical engineer I spend a lot of time learning and following specific rules to design electronic systems. The only criteria for success is working by specifications on time. With art I found the freedom to create anything without bounding rule. For me there is no right or wrong. My art stems from my desire for free expression and fun.


Medium(s) – Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture

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