Patrick Hofmeister

Artist Name – Patrick Hofmeister

Patrick Hofmiester

My inspiration comes from my fascination with the images that caught my imagination as a child & the things we fail to see every day within ourselves that is as much a part of our lives as breathing and eating.

My work reflects upon M.C. Escher’s pattern work, Mark Ryden and Dali’s symbolisms, images I also believe are executed with depth and trick the eye. I thrive on finding out who I am and where my impulses, fears and joy come from. I also try to understand how color and shapes have an effect on emotions, moods and thought patterns.

The process of my work is involved; it starts with a simple idea that I jot down, then with layers, I start to build on the idea intuitively, almost as if the work “tells” me where to go next. I strive to make work that influences the viewer in critical thinking, drawing them in from a far. I execute large installations that as a whole are a sum made up many styled works, just as I am a whole, made up of many different intricacies and personality traits that wouldn’t “seem like me” until you see me as a whole.


I am a self taught artist born and raised in San Jose, Ca and have been painting in acrylic since 2003. I mainly work in this medium and have been experimenting with different ways to manipulate it. I started painting with spray paint, doing graffiti while in my teens. I picked up painting in acrylic while living under the Transitional Housing Program at the Bill Wilson Center (a program for homeless youth) for a year. Before receiving my first acrylic/easel set as a gift from the B.W.C., I had had no real desire to pursue this medium or anything serious with my graffiti hobby.

I have studied various subject maters in trying to find a way to speak my voice best. Currently I paint in many styles: Abstract, Surrealism, Realism and Typography. I’m working more on bridging the gap between my styles to best fit my voice and having one cohesive style

I was exposed to the San Jose Museum of Art at an early age when my grandparents brought me to see my first art exhibit, Chihuly. Everything they have shown me as a child holds a huge influence on the artist I am today. My Mother continues to be my biggest supporter in life and my art. HIGH FIVE FOR BEING ALIVE!


Medium(s) – Painting, Mural Art

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