Nava Ben-Yehuda

Artist Name – SotoArt-BY Nava
Nava Ben-Yehuda

I currently reside in San Jose, California and heavily engaged in the roller coaster of the high-tech industry, as a Vice-President of Finance.

I was first exposed to art during my early years of High school. Through the course of my lifetime, I kept the art flame in my heart burning bright. However, every day commitments and responsibilities got in the way of pursuing my art. Finally, years later, I have introduced with a very special art mentor in Sunnyvale. Her own unique approach and patience encouraged me to free my mind and reveal my inner artist.

My work incorporates elements of the unique beauty of nature; flowers, leaves, butterflies, human images, and more. I let my emotions and imagination lead the brush and paint my creation with the unlimited spectrum of colors and attention to delicate details. With each new painting, I attempt to convey a message through visual clue, which develops as each layer compliments the layer before.

Picasso once said that “Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” For me, art is meditation, a way of being.


Medium(s) – Painting