Murphy Adams

Artist Name – Murphy Adams

Murphy Adams

Bay Area artist Murphy Adams creates mixed media works primarily in acrylic and ink on paper. Drawing on elements of folk & outsider art, her quirky, naive style is intentionally childlike. Funny, awkward or even beautiful situations are the subjects in her intimate paintings, as well as personal obsessions & the extreme thoughts that we all occasionally entertain. There is a cartoon-like innocence to her pieces as well as a healthy dose of snarky irony,  but mostly she has this unique capacity to spew raw emotion;   love, hate, joy, compassion, regret, revenge, heartbreak, despair, failure, rejection,  you name it…but mostly HOPE.

Adams grew up on the Northern California Peninsula. She graduated from Long Beach State University with a degree in Art History and a minor in Drawing & Painting. She shows at many galleries throughout the US, and on  Murphy has also done several public art projects, both painted and clay mosaic murals, and funky handmade tile work. She currently lives in San Jose, California with a very tolerant husband, has 2 nearly all the way grown up kids, a couple rescue dogs, a few cats and a bunch of chickens.


Medium(s) – Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture