Miguel Machuca

Artist Name – Miguel Machuca

Miguel Machuca

Changing the world one brush stroke at a time.

Born and raised in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico.Came to United States since I was young boy , being here ever since. I am creative , honest , true to my friends and family. My word comes along way. I am pretty sincere about everything I do in life. I enjoy the company of good people and friends, and most of all I love my family so much words cannot describe it. I like to make people laugh and I am a great support to my friends and who ever needs a helping hand. I work for children who have learning disabilities and youth at risk. I am an uncle of three great nephews and I like to think i am a good son and brother. I am kind and fair, I try to be honest in all my decisions and pure in what I believe. I am the type of guy who likes to have fun and dislikes drama.I am lover and a fighter, and if I need to defend my friends an my family from danger I will put my self in front of the lines as long the people i care about do not come to harm. I am a educator of life and a poet to the lady who will rule my heart, I am a hopeless romantic , I am partner in crime and a spiritual warrior. I hold my head up high , my mind open , and my heart on my shoulder. I am in a journey in finding enlightenment threw my experiences in my my life, I don’t give up and I can forgive. I smile and laugh. but most of all I don’t forget where I come from and I have the fire that burns in my soul which feeds the strength to over come it all that stands in my way .


Medium(s) – Drawing, Mixed Media, Mural Art, Painting

1 comment on “Miguel Machuca

  1. Miguel
    Hi Mijo just wish I could have had the chance who have seen your gallery exhibit
    You are truly talented and very blessed
    I am your nephew’s Grandma Stella
    Hoping the next time I go down to San Jose I will have David or Ale or your mom take me to see your Art exhibit
    And I love your philosophy on life

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