Mary Anne Gerhardt

Artist Name – Mary Anne Gerhardt

Mary Anne GerhardtMary Anne Gerhardt has lived in the South Bay Area, CA, her entire life, born in San Jose and now residing in Santa Clara.  She started drawing when she was in grade school, and followed through with learning formal art techniques and various mediums, once in high school.  She continued on to take more art classes in college.  Since 1995, Mary Anne has been more involved in creating expressive abstract pieces in oil pastels and chalk pastels.  In addition, Mary Anne began using mixed media and collage at the start of 2012, when she joined Lori Krein’s “Expressive Collage” classes.  Since then, Mary Anne has also experimented with various techniques of her own, and now uses them in her art.  Mary Anne is most inspired by artists who create large, bold abstracts.  She has her studio in San Jose and enjoys displaying her work in shows at various venues around the Bay Area.


Medium(s) – Mixed Media