Mariana Barnes

Artist Name – Mariana Barnes

artist resource website Kaleid-Gaia - Mariana BarnesI consider myself a Renaissance woman. My interests are many and each finds their way into my art.

I am a self taught artist and have been painting for over 20 years.  Starting with oils, I transitioned to acrylics and have been experimenting with them for the past six years. Before oil and acrylic painting, I worked with tempera, clay, wood, mixed media and drawings in charcoal, felt pens, and colored pencils. I have explored various subject matters throughout the years, but my favorite paintings are colorful abstracts. Currently, two bodies of work occupy my time:  the Mosaic paintings and the Quilt paintings.

As a scientist/engineer, my time is divided between my art and my work in aerospace. Being an artist makes me a better scientist and vice versa. Each pursuit feeds the other -art keeps me sane, science keeps me grounded.

Music and writing have also played important roles in my life -from being a classically trained pianist with concert performances under my belt, to publishing articles in several scientific journals, and in the San Jose Mercury News.

Originally from Argentina, I’ve been exposed to a sophisticated Latin American culture, where art and music are highly regarded and are a normal part of everyday life. All of the color and energy of my Latin American background nourish the paintings I create.


Medium(s) – Painting, Photography