Joe Perea

Artist Name – Jojo
Joe Perea

What the ancient knew, we are slowly re-discovering. Subtle energies that exist in us, exist in all of us; from the humblest grain of sand in the ocean to the massive galaxies mirroring a non local connection, where  language or math is different but the universal archetype is the same. This physical world that runs on laws is very dependent on energies unseen. The technological advances like teleportation, quantum biology, and quantum nano technology, is only a small portion of our future reality. But where I lean towards more is the self realization that every single soul is connected, a genius acknowledging our true potential­–that we have control over our reality in the physical, emotional, mental and metaphysical journey. If a scientist can manage to affect reality just by observation, imagine what a pure and happy thought might be?

Medium(s) – Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting,

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