Joe Decker

Artist Name – Joe Decker

Joe DeckerJoe Decker is a nature photographer, author and educator living in Northern California. His work has been exhibited across the country from the Smithsonian to LACDA in Los Angeles, and he has been awarded artist residencies in Petrified Forest National Park, Iceland, Svalbard, Antarctica and Greenland.  He is the author of The Tuesday Composition, published by Flatbooks Publishing.

Joe’s nature photography is a descendent of the West Coast school of landscape photography, showing influences by such artists as Galen Rowell and Frans Lanting. Color, often intensely (but still accurately) saturated, is often a forward element of his work, while composition is often used to signify deeper, more personal levels of the captured experience.

Self-taught early in his photographic career, Joe began studying with other masters of nature photography in the late 1990s, including Galen Rowell, Richard Knepp, and Bill Atkinson.


Medium(s) – Photography

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