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Artist Name – Joe Barajas

Joe B

My name is Joe Barajas and I am an expressionism oil painter. My given name is Jose Luis Barajas, but I’ve been showing under the name Joe Barajas since 2005. I started oil painting at the age of 17 when I took an advanced Drawing and Painting class my senior year in high school (2001) and I’ve been doing it ever since. My inspirations when I first started painting were works by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and Vincent van Gogh. I took what I saw in their work and mixed and molded different aspects of their techniques to develop my own unique style of expressionism painting. I started out using symbolism to express events and life lessons I had experienced in my life creating visual representations to depict to my viewers who I was as a person. I then shifted goals and started to try and depict who I was as an artist—who I was as a creative. Ultimately I decided that if I was going to paint anything of substance I would have to look outside of myself and allow myself to depict a broader view of the world around me; mainly the people in it. With so much to choose from, I decided to start with the human behavior—what we show and don’t show to the world—mainly what we don’t show. I want to depict the things about ourselves that we hide out of fear of showing the people around us who we really are and the fear of ultimately not being accepted because of it. This brings my work up to date considering what people have to hide can provide endless possibilities for multiple themes for my work. My path and purpose behind my work will no doubt transform in the future, but for now I choose to reveal that which people try to hide—the truth about us all—who we are. For now I’ll start with what we show others, and then eventually I’ll move on to what’s really there underneath.


Medium(s) – Painting

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