Jason McHenry

Artist Name – One Thousand Thousand

Jason McHenry 1For the past two decades I’ve been working towards the goal of producing an edition of one million original mixed-media works on paper. The origin of the project began as a simple creative exercise in visual art while a student at the Visual & Performing Arts High School in St. Louis, Missouri.

The goal of the project was simply to produce as much new work as often as possible while focusing initially on quantity over quality. The idea being that the more an artist creates the better they will become and, eventually, the quality of the work will improve over time. New work was continually produced and after reaching unintentional milestones of 100 then 500 pieces the idea of doing an edition of 1,000 came up. This continued on through college and the ever-increasing number of pieces produced during this time would eventually become the One Thousand Thousand project.

The pieces from the One Thousand Thousand project are produced entirely by hand using various techniques and styles. New work is produced almost daily and thousands of new pieces are created every year. The finished pieces are sequentially numbered and stamped with the date of completion and as of January 2016, the current total has just reached the 333,333 point. The pieces from the project have been shown in galleries across the country and have been exhibited at Bumbershoot in Seattle and Sub Zero Festival in San Jose.


Medium(s) – Mixed Media, Painting