Hadi Aghaee

Artist Name – Hadi Aghaee Fine Art

Hadi AghaeeHadi was born and raised in the beautiful city of Shiraz, Iran. He is a self-taught artist showing immense passion and interest in drawing from early age, illustrating scenes and drawing portraits in pen and pencil.   In Teen years, he developed an interest in Persian style miniature paintings and working with pastel.

Hadi migrated to America to study engineering and it was not long before his passion for art came to a grinding halt, a side effect of the political and social events of late 70’s and early 80’s. From thereafter, for a period of 33 years he was completely absent from art and the art scenes.

In mid-2014, a friend of his, Johane Amirault who is an outstanding and accomplished artist herself, encouraged him to join her in her studio.   There was no paper or pastel available in this studio, so he found himself with no choice but to work with brush, acrylic and canvas.   All works displayed in his web site gallery are from this period.

Hadi’s inspiration and subjects of his paintings arise from contemplation on life, what once was and what may not be; the things we have overlooked in the past or fail to see at this very moment.  No matter what the subject matter, rich texture and vibrant colors covering every inch of the canvas define his works and engage the viewers.

Medium(s) – Digital Art, Painting