Gregory Tomb

Artist Name – Gregory T. Glass

Gregory ThombGreg’s exploration into the world of glass began as a child. Growing up in the Northeast, his family frequently visited the Corning Museum of Glass during their road trips. A passion for travel and a love of glass reflect in Greg’s life and his work.  His journey of working with glass began in the spring of 1997 while studying art at Hartwick College, in Oneonta, NY. That summer, while teaching art in Boulder, CO, Greg apprenticed torch-working for the Mystic Family Glassworks. In the summer of 1998, he took a workshop from Emilio Santini at Urban Glass. Greg stayed and participated in a work study program at Urban that summer. This was an influential experience; watching and assisting many Urban Glass artists work professionally in all areas of glass.

            Returning to Hartwick, Greg graduated in 2000, with a Major in Art, focusing on Sculpture and Glass Blowing and with a Minor in Religious Studies.  Occasionally renting glass time for the next few years, Greg explored the adventure sports of whitewater raft guiding and ski instructing professionally.  Always returning to glass, he gained precision working as a glass blower in a factory for Simon Pearce. He became a team leader of their production from 2004-2006. Following his spirit of adventure in the outdoors, Greg moved to Lake Tahoe, CA in 2006 and then Santa Cruz in 2011. He worked as a professional musician for about four years before returning to glass. In that time he has worked for Girl Glass, Chris Johnson Glass, Half Moon Bay Art Glass and The Bay Area Glass Institute. He has participated in art shows and sold his work at galleries nationally.

            Currently Gregory lives in Santa Cruz, CA. He instructs glass blowing and glass fusing at The Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI), in San Jose, CA. For the last 2 years he has supported The Crucible, during the Fire and Light Soirée, by donating for their auction.  Greg creates.  His understanding of and desire to improve on the craft of glass making is evident in his work and his life. His passions of exploring new processes are insatiable. He uses fusing, cold working, torch working and furnace glass to make his personal work. Sacred symbolism, colorful expression and classic forms largely influence his work. Gregory strives to positively contribute to the space and world around him. He describes his process as a meditation in action, with thoughtful preparation.


Medium(s) – Sculpture