Gianfranco Paolozzi

Artist Name – Gianfranco

GianfrancoSteven Jenkins writes:
” . . . the decade-by-decade bio is intriguing . . . with memories – personal memories . . . ”

The ’10s
In 2015 continue to participate with the Vango Team in San Francisco. All the works, present and past, are now for sure under the main title of “Journal”.  Paolozzi Tango Trio still going around between Palo Alto and San Jose performing all original tangos.
In 2013 participating with the new San Francisco group internet gallery ARTtwo50. All the works start to be like journals, journals of my life and people around me.
Early 2012 formed a trio: myself at the accordion, Nancy at the piano, and Griff violin and viola. Tango Trio is born. Started to perform in café, art gallery, and tango clubs from Palo Alto to San Jose. Continuing exhibiting collagements and journals in San Jose and Palo Alto.
The 2000s
Starting the love affair with Downtown San Jose. Exhibiting all new works at Kaleid, Works/San Jose, Caffe Trieste, Phantom Gallery, Red Berry Coffe Bar, The Citadel, Anne and Mark’s Art Party, Pacific Art League and Media Center of Palo Alto, Sunnyvale Art Gallery Cafe, Silicon Valley Community Foundation in Mountain View. Continuing exhibitions in San Francisco.
I coin the name for my art efforts:
“Collagements” = collage with photographed moments
“Newsllages” = collage with newspaper pages
“Newsllagements” = collage with photographed moments and newspaper pages
“Journals” = works where I create lines on various surfaces
“Journllagements” = works where I create lines around photographed moments on various surfaces
“From The Tube” = works done pressing out the color directly from the container on the canvas
“Roundel” = marking on waste roll of paper from flexo presses
“Plexillagements” = collagements with multiple plexiglass surfaces sandwiched.
The ’90s
Solo shows at A Jeweler’s Place in San Francisco, Gordon Biersch in San Jose and Palo Alto, Camera One in San Jose. Member of the Contemporary Art Group of Saratoga. Collagements series where I use photographs pasted on large sheets of thin Mylar. Participation on the Silicon Valley Open Studios in Sunnyvale. Collective shows at Tapestry in Talent in San Jose and Juried Art Show at Gallery Saratoga. I start a new body of work “Alla ricerca del segno” (in search of the line), a collection of visual ideas on workbooks. La Mia Galleria studio-gallery is open in Palo Alto, will stay open one year. My wife’s father, Gino, dies. La Mia Galleria site goes live using images created with a Sony digital camera. Collagements series where I use photographs pasted on white boards.
The ’80s
Adelchi is born. My father dies. I begin to express emotions and ideas with ceramics and produce a documentary, with the help of Jeff Land, a dear friend, about the old Downtown Sunnyvale been replaced with a shopping center. I hold shows of my Raku In Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and Benicia. Frustrated I sell the equipment and destroy most of my works. I start again the year after experimenting with various materials. New series on canvas using sprayed color over a mask and oil colors over a removable tape. Sofia is born. First work in Plexiglas for the ACRYLIC series. Collective shows at Apple Computers in Sunnyvale, Jalbert Gallery in Saratoga, Gallery House in Palo Alto, ASI Awards and Museo ItaloAmericano in San Francisco, Bal’s First Annual Group Show, and 3COM in Sunnyvale. Solo shows at Saxpy Computer in Sunnyvale, Upstairs Gallery in Sunnyvale, and Hewlett-Packard Corporate Headquarters in Palo Alto. First work of the collagements series using photographs pasted on Plexiglas. I start the series of Symphonies, layers of drilled, routed, and colored acrylic sandwiched together and fastened with a frame.
The ’70s
My first show is in Campitello Matese, Italy, with the help of my friend poet Nicola Ciampitti. I participate to an extemporaneous art exhibition near Naples and a collective art show in Boiano with the artist Mario Cavaliere. I finish the Art Institute and visit my girlfriend, Giuseppina, in California. Back to Italy I go in the army. Produce a large amount of body of works sketching ideas for the production of future artworks. Soon out the army I move to California and merry Giuseppina. My grandmother Clorinda dies. I applied boards on top of my electrical stove and the brown circular burned lines are very exciting. Fabrizio is born. Felice, my grandfather, dies. I start a series where I cut the canvas and use various types of paint. Collective shows at the Art Club in Palo Alto and Rubicon Gallery in Los Altos. One of the first canvases where I apply oil color directly from the tube and experiment with wood sculpture at Canada College. First vacation in Italy. My friend Giovannino dies.
The ’60s
My second sister Stefania is born. My grandmother Cristina dies. For the Guglielmo Marconi art contest between the grammar schools of the region I draw my family’s radio and the teacher does not believe it. I start to study music and accordion. My family moves in Boiano where I begin to use oils. I win an art competition in schools with Europe as its theme using oils on canvas. I start the Art Institute G. Manuppella in Isernia. I sell 2 oils on canvas to pay for a vacation around Italy with friends and I experiment with photographs.
The ’50s
I’m born in 1952 at San Pietro Avellana, Italy, the small town in the mountains of Central Italy. At the preschool I draw a rocket ship on the classroom blackboard as big as I was able to. Rossana and Rodolfo are born. My grandfather Francesco dies. At the beginning of grammar school my family moves to Canzano, the small town on top the hill where I can see the Adriatic Sea far away. Here I do the first photographs with my father’s camera. One evening I copy from a magazine cover, using color pencils, a profile of a girl with long gold hair and a flower in it on the side. My mother likes it.


Medium(s) – Collage, Mixed Media, Painting