Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo

Artist Name – Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo
MontelongoElizabethJimenez (600x319)

Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo grew up in Sonoma County (Petaluma, California). She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Pictorial Arts with a concentration in Painting and Drawing as well as a Bachelor of Arts in French from San José State University. Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo has exhibited her artwork in the San Francisco Bay Area; Seattle, Washington; New York City; Colorado; and New Jersey. She currently lives in Santa Clara, CA.

Artist Statement
My work in the series Dolor, Muerte y Mariposas, mainly consists of paintings relating to the themes of spirituality, identity, and empowerment. This series artwork is influenced by the study of my ancestral indigenous Mexican culture, particularly Aztec/Mexika culture, as told through oral tradition. The iconography includes glyphs from the ancient Mesoamerican amoxtin[ah-MOSH-teen], painted books commonly known as “codices”. My art contains glyphs in their original form, although most glyphs are modified and many are my own creation.

Some of the recurring figures in my work are my modified version of the family on the famous yellow “Border Crossing” signs (also known as “Immigration Crossing” signs.) In my artwork, however, the figures hold hands in unity and move with dignity and determination.

Most paintings in my series Dolor, Muerte y Mariposas  are acrylic and ink on wood or canvas. Some pieces contain non-traditional media such as paper, glitter, and found objects. The narratives within the paintings are read from right to left, bottom to top, or cyclically. Most of my two dimensional pieces have support shapes such as circle, semi-circle, and rhombus, or a rectangle with protruding parts.

By breaking with tradition in various aspects of the work, I further encourage the deconstruction of illusory boundaries.


Medium(s) – Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting