Donny Foley

Artist Name – Donbon

Donny FoleyDonny Foley is a San Jose, CA based artist. His latest project, Word Painting, seamlessly combines two of his favorite forms of creative narrative: the art of storytelling and painting. The creation of each labor intensive piece starts with a painted focal point. Then, the background is formed by hand lettering a story in which the entire painting is based upon. When viewed from a distance each Word Painting is meant to convey a cheery anecdote, but on closer inspection the viewer can see the complex nature of a seemingly simplistic image.

For over five years Donny has managed a gallery which exhibits over 90 different local artists. In addition to managing the gallery he also curates special exhibits and events. In 2015 he was selected to paint a 6ft snowman to be a permanent fixture in San Jose’s Christmas in The Park.


Medium(s) – Digital Art, Drawing, Painting