Deborah Barba

Artist Name – Deborah Barba

BirdInHand_dbarbaDeborah is a self taught artist.  With the gift of oil paints from her sister, Kathy, Deborah embarked on a journey of rediscovering art and the artist within herself.  She works in many mediums, from Gauche and fabric paints, to acrylic, charcoal and oil paint.  Oil painting is Deborah’s favorite because oils let her build  images, while allowing time to discover the stories within the canvas.  She brings the drama within herself and the beauty in the world together to create pieces that let her spirit soar and communicate with the world.

Deborah’s dreams and past experiences direct the choices, while the paint and the canvas guide her.

Deborah paints to understand the world, and hopes that others can see the world in different ways through her art.

She  moves between many subject matters, returning again and again as if to old friends.  Music often inspires her work.  Her Blues series originated from long nights at the best Blues Club in San Jose, Poor House Bistro.  Sketching and photographing the musicians as they performed live and going back to the studio and working off of the studies, she has captured some of the energy and emotion in the performances.

Her Freedom series comes from the theatre.  These pieces were her first forays into painting.  The drama and stories in the Freedom works are reaching out from the past.  The singer in the spotlight, connected to the to the generous man giving the gift of a flower, all come from Deborah’s past.

She is inspired by thought-provoking artists with senses of humor.  Dali, Marguerite, Bansky, Kush have all influenced her, as you can see from her Surreal series.  She loves the humor in life, and strives to put humor in her work.  Imagine if Dali and Picasso met for coffee?  What would the world look like?  Deborah aims to illustrate the possibilities.

Deborah lives and works in San Jose, CA and has shown her work through out the state of California.


Medium(s) – Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture