Cyndee Newick

Artist Name – Cyndee Newick

Cyndee NewickIt starts with a seed…

A hard shell gourd starts as a little seed, growing on a vine in a community of other gourds until autumn when the vine dies. The gourd dries as it sleeps, covered with dirt and mold through the winter. When it awakens, it transforms into something beautiful and useful. Gourds are nature’s greatest gift, providing us with utilitarian, religious and decorative objects for over 10.000 years. I can think of no better way to honor the earth, the spiritual world and our past then to carry on the tradition of gourd crafting. I let the gourd guide me, with all of it’s natural beauty and flaws, to tell it’s own story, reminding us all of our agrarian roots and how wonderful things can come from a little seed.

I have been creating gourd art for 20 years. I live in Campbell, Ca. My work can be seen throughout the year in galleries, art shows and on line art sites. I am an artist, organic gardener, musician and beekeeper and active in many local art, music and nature organizations.


Medium(s) – Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture

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