Charlotte Kruk

Artist Name – KrukTart

Charlotte Kruk was born in Campbell, California…1971.  In 1975, the death of her father in a hangliding accident urged her mother to seek full-time employment. Subsequently, miss charlotte and her sister were raised by an inspiring and determined mother…and spent much time in the afternoon and on weekends between two sets of grandparents: The Wellers, proper and nurturing, the Kruk’s: intent on spoiling her rotten. Crafts were always the after school activity under her maternal Grandmother’s careful instruction…and napping was accompanied by the humming of the sewing machine. Kruk began her college career at the University of California at Santa Cruz after receiving a humble scholarship from her high school arts teacher. In 1991 she transferred to San Jose State University and began studying Business, then Physical Education, then Communication, then Nutrition…only to finally return to Art.

Most recognized for her wearable sculptures, Kruk elevates detritus to fine art. Kruk’s sculptures incorporate genuinely purchased, meticulously unwrapped, consumed and conscientiously collated consumer product packaging. Each element of “trash” is carefully stitched together side by side to create new textiles, which beg to be evaluated…scrutinized. These wearable sculptures “slyly wink” at a culture that often compares women, particularly well-dressed women, to decorations, consumables… “eye candy”. Whimsically initiating a dialogue on packaging, brand association, and power structure, Kruk’s sculptures also direct a commentary on the gluttony and wastefulness of a disposable, packaged society.  Charlotte’s artwork has been exhibited at Copia in Napa, The Kohler Arts Center, The Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin and The Legion of Honor in San Francisco. While moonlighting as a professional artist, Miss Charlotte has been teaching Sculpture Arts at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California since 1998.


Medium(s) – Fiber Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media

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