April Burton

Artist Name – Ansate Jones

Growing up with a painter for a father, I was exposed to the art world from birth. But I never considered it as a career until I was knee-deep in graduate school for Animal Behavior. It was then I suddenly realized that as much as I love animals, I wasn’t happy unless I was ‘doing art’. Since then I have completed a certificate in Graphic Design at De Anza College and launched a freelance photography, design and illustration business, Ansate Jones.

Just as ethologist Jakob von Uexkull theorized the existence of Umwelten, or ‘self-centered worlds’, for each living being, my work revolves primarily around the concept of nature and how we relate to it. I like to incorporate a bit of life into my photographs and illustrations to showcase this sort of interaction as well as to emphasize the delightful oddities that can occur in everyday life. There’s something about visually capturing a moment that fascinates me; everything we create forms a record not only of where we are in our internal processes but also how we’re influenced by the world around us.

Another obsession of mine is portraiture. Being able to successfully recreate a likeness is an achievement in itself. In my pieces, the essence of the subject is captured not only through accurate and realistic rendition but through a more transcendent process that comes with a nuanced knowledge of faces and of artistic expression.

I am always available for commissions.


Medium(s) – Drawing, Digital Art, Mixed Media Painting, Photography

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