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We are always trying to provide more information and resources for local artists. That is why we are happy to be launching our new section Artist Residencies. This section contains listings for Bay Area residencies as well as links to organizations that help you find residencies all over the world.

If you have never been on an artist residency I highly recommend it. There is something really amazing about leaving your daily routine and going to a place that supports and encourages you to make art all day.

There is a large variety of residencies that really cater to all types of artists. They can last from 1 week to years but most are about a month in length. Some of them are solitary and self driven while others have many artists and are more collaborative. Some are very prestigious and more competitive to get into while others are more open and supportive of emerging artists. Most residencies have some kind of fee, this is usually subsidized and is to help run the program. For that fee you usually receive living accommodations, some kind of studio space and sometimes food and other amenities. There are also residencies that give you a $tipend to help offset any travel cost or materials expenses. There are even residencies for artists who are parents and need to bring their children or find some kind of child care.

Most residencies you have to apply for and need to have some kind of proposal. The proposal is basically what you would like to work in while in residence. They want to make sure you are serious and will use the time to really create and grow. With that said you may not get accepted into all of the ones you apply to. But keep applying! Even to the same ones, sometimes it’s just a matter of space and timing.

Have I peaked your interest yet? I have participated in 5 residencies all over the world. They have all been different and amazing. I always encourage my fellow artists to try and go on one. It can really be a game changer for your art and practice.  With that said it is also important to do your homework and make sure the ones you are applying for are right for you. Email previous residents and ask them about their experience, see if they have any reviews and make sure you ask all questions before you go off on your residency.

So how about you check out our new Artist Residency page and start planning your next adventure!

One of the residencies I attended was in Siglufjördur the northernmost part of Iceland.


The residency house I stayed in. Top floor was the living space and the bottom was the art studio.


Reykjavik the capital of Iceland

Shannon AmidonShannon Amidon is an award winning artist from San Jose, CA. She creates mixed media artwork primarily concentrating on the ancient medium of encaustic painting. She incorporates natural, upcycled and repurposed materials into her artwork, breathing new life into objects that would otherwise be destined for a landfill. Using environmentally safe and sustainable practices is very important to her. In addition to upcycling discarded objects and materials she also makes her own paints using natural earth pigments and binders.

Shannon’s artwork has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Shannon was selected for the 2017 stARTup Art Fair in San Francisco. In 2015 she received the Leigh Weimers Emerging Artist Award and was identified by the curators of the Triton Museum of Artas an artist they feel are worthy of  attention in the coming years. In 2011 she was named the SV Creates Artist Laureate, receiving a Fellowship Grant. She was also the recipient of an Eco Art Grant and studio make-over from the Art Inspector part of the Zero One Art and Technology Network.

Shannon has been an artist in residence at The Ayatana Artistic Research Program in Quebec Canada, TechShop San Jose, Herhusid House Artist Residency in Iceland as well as the David and Julia White Artist Colony in Costa Rica. In 2016, 2015 and 2013 she was selected to create large, 400lb, 5ft x 6ft public art hearts for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation; two of the hearts were purchased by Genentech and one by Wells Fargo Bank.

Shannon is active in her local arts community contributing her time, knowledge and art. She is the co-founder of My Art Resources; an online comprehensive source of business tools and professional practices for artists living in Santa Clara County and nearby cities.

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