Artist in Residence

One of the most important things for My Art Resources is to give back, support and contribute to the local arts community. One way that we do this is by sponsoring studio residencies at Local Color. We invite you to stop by Local Color to meet our artists in residence and check out the great community.

Current Artist in Residence:
Theresa MerchantTheresa Merchant – Studio 1039
Theresa is a mixed media, assemblage artist and painter.

“I am fascinated by the universality of human emotions and subconscious urges across the infinitely varied collections of unique existences.  These distinctly human experiences are what make humankind a single entity, what gives us the ability to be a compassionate species, and frankly, gives me hope for human kind”

Find out more about Theresa in her featured interview.





Past Artist in Residence:
Francisco RamirezFrancisco Ramirez
Francisco is a painter and muralist who uses a variety of mediums.

“My inspiration comes from past experiences such as heart aches, love, loss, and loneliness. Local artists are also an inspiration with their technique, style and use of elements and subject matter but at a deeper level what inspires me the most is life, death, light, dark, and balance in everything.”

Find out more about Francisco in his featured interview.