We want My Art Resources to be the premier source of industry resources for Santa Clara County creative professionals, and that means we need your help!

Resource Info

If you have a business, services or resource that you would like us to share please send an email to with the name, address, phone, and url of the resource. Please include a brief description of how it fits in with the site and what section it should be under. * Please note we will not necessarily post everything that is submitted, we will make the decision as to whether we feel it’s a good fit for the site and will contribute to the creative community.

Artist Directory

The artist directory is designed to connect patrons, professionals and businesses directly with artists for potential commissions, exhibition, sales, special events, and more. If you would like to be included in our artist directory you must be from or work in Santa Clara County.

Please send your submission to and include the following:

First Name
Last Name
Artist Name
Short Bio
Please also include a thumbnail image of your work.

Blog Posts

Do you have an idea for a blog post that you would like to submit?

We welcome blog posts that contribute positively to the creative community. Posts include how to’s, technique info, exhibit reviews, in depth resource info, art business help and more. Please check out our blog to get an idea of what we post and the format. This is not for self promotion and at this time there is no remuneration for submitted content.

All blog posts submitted to MAR are subject to editorial review for content, cohesion, clarity, and length. We will do our best to preserve the voice, style, and intent of your story.

Required for submission:

    • Submissions are preferred in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) Max of 750 words – You can create a series if you have a longer more in depth topic.
    • Author headshot 200 pixels square
    • Header banner for post that includes post title and author’s name.
    • At least 1 image for the post, we prefer 2-4. Please do not take images from the internet, we do not want to infringe on anyone copyrighted material. If you need image assistance please let us know.
  • Short author bio 100 words or less

Please send your submission to