2017 My Art Resources Recap

There is something about January that is hopeful and comforting. A clean slate, feelings of anticipation and excitement for a new year are all around. It’s also a great time for reflection on what the past year was like. So we thought we would share a little update of what we did in 2017 over here at My Art Resources.

Some of the highlights include:

To be honest we are really proud of what we have accomplished so far. Sometimes it’s easy for people to forget that we are just two local artists putting in our own time and funding to create this site for the community. We have had some really great help and support from our guest bloggers like Christine Rasmussen and Leah Jay, and our community supporters like Content magazine and Local Color as well as all of the amazing creatives in the local arts community.

We are really excited about 2018 and have lots of ideas and projects in the works. As always we welcome your ideas, input and help getting the word out about My Art Resources.

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.

Shannon & Donny

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