Leah Jay

Artist Name – Leah Jay

Leah Jay (Jakusovszky) has been an artist and illustrator in San Jose for 25 years. She creates using a variety of media including watercolor, acrylic, pastel, ink, and collage. Her illustrative work has been featured in many books, and highlights from her career include directing 2001’s WTC Memorial Art Project to facilitate artist’s responses to 9/11 and successfully crowdfunding her artbook “Amphibian Love” to benefit Save the Frogs in 2015. She has always enjoyed the freedom watercolor allows to express color and form. Layering precision with ink and pastels allows her to carefully illustrate her favorite organic subjects: trees, animals, people.

Her yarn work is notable for its tactile nature and precise execution which elevates mundane, everyday materials such as yarn, wood, and white glue. Through a focus on the creation process and the tangible quality of the materials, she blurs boundaries between art and craft. The semi-abstract, symbolic subjects she chooses reflect memories of her own childhood spent reading storybooks and playing outdoors, to create a comfortable, warm, nostalgic feeling.


Medium(s) – Collage, Drawing, Fiber Art, Mixed Media, Painting